Another international success for Latitudo 40. We have been selected to cooperate with Rural Bank in Australia to create an AgriTech solution for this specific market.

Our target?

Providing practical tools to actively respond to climate change at a farm scale, helping farm businesses thrive under future climate scenarios.

Climate change is one of the most important challenges of our time. Global and national models help understand the impacts at large scales, however for meaningful action to be undertaken we need small scale understanding and analysis to inform rigorous debate and decision making.

Rural Bank is the agribusiness division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (the Bank). Rural Bank has around 8.4% of the market share of lending to Australian agriculture and 10% of Australian farm businesses as customers.

Farming businesses typically manage a significant amount of seasonal climate variability and longer term climate change. Rural Bank wants to support its customers to better understand and respond to these challenges.

As Latitudo 40, we have created a simple, effective and intuitive tool to continuously monitor the status of a farm, analyzing the state of the crops, the adequate presence of water and fertilizers, the expected production yields based on historical data. Integration with historical data, existing IoT devices and weather forecasts allows you to have all the information in a single dashboard. The insights gained from the satellite data will help farmers maximize efficiency and reduce costs without the need to place sensors.

Latitudo 40 offers concrete advantages with its PRECISION FARMING solution:

•             Increased crop productivity

•             Availability of time series for predictive analysis

•             Decrease in the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides, which in turn keeps costs down

•             Reduced impact on natural ecosystems

•             Easy to use by non-IT experts

•             Full integration of existing farm management systems