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earth aNalytics made simple

we turn satellite images into information.

From images to information

We combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data analysis to transform earth observation images into information for decision support.


Environmental and land monitoring solutions that integrate data from in situ sensors (radar or IoT) with information from EO satellites.


In-cloud data elaboration platform tha uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically extract information.

Information as a Service

Representation and correlation of information processed as a layer in proprietary or open-source GIS.


IoT sensors integration in order to combine earth obsdervation data with in-situ sensors.

Radar pocessing

Radar sensor that extracts weather and sea state information, tracks moving objects and detects oil spill on the sea surface.

Machine learning

Thanks to our machine larning algorithms we are able to combine all the data from different sensors to have decision support in critical and non-critical applications.

HOW it works.

Comprehensible information.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning we find complex correlations that are difficult to identify with traditional tools.
Applying these techniques to satellite imagery and geospatial data sets allows us to offer powerful decision support tools, using multitemporal or spatial analysis dashboards or building custom applications through our APIs.

Reduce data understanding time.

No need to understand complex data or tons of satellite images. Reduce the time needed for critical and non-critical decision support and just focus on understanding our planet the way you need.

Be the first to know about global events that impact your business.

Answer questions such as:

What has been the soil moisture in this area in the last 10 years?

Have ther been oil spills in the Pacific Ocean in 2016?

Are there any illegal buildings or illegal rubbish dumps in the suburbs of New York?

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